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anything to stop clockwatching

Urgle Grue

92. or 12. dutch/asian-ish. childproof. body awkwardly proportioned. no apparent muscular development. sweats when exercising. polite. rarely late. IQ of 48: mentally retarded. sleeps to dream about butterflies. has no idea wut to do. too comfortably detached. ffffghgg csdlkfj gekjl.

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"i would be suspicious of someone like me." - chip whitley

what i do like
carpet. desk. lamp. ice cream. a nice pair of slacks. hats. rich friends. randomly piano slamming or being awesome at any other instrument. my life to not entirely suck. grilled cheese. a fast internet connection. the right temperature. sandwiches. physically flexible friends. tic tacs. proudly waste precious time at no one's expense. the right kind. my camera or other things in general to work properly. rubik's cubes. potatoes. remote controls. my prettiest friend. a beautiful mess. lamp.


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